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John P

I had always felt different, but was not really until I was 36 when I had slowly but surely experienced rock bottom. I began meditating and got a shock when I started reading photographs on social media groups. In the short time I have been developing as a psychic I have learnt more of who I truly am as a person as well as my Spirituality, but my experiences are essential as they have made me a more sympathetic, compassionate, Empathic and honest reader. I try to give the guidance I receive for you as positively as possible, I love tuning into the energy as I do my readings. The advice i will have for anyone seeking a reading from me is come with an open mind. I am currently writing a book that I am aiming to use part of me and what I am learning from various Spiritual beliefs and some Science Fiction. I am also a Guided Meditation Recording Artist. My favorite readings to give are based around Psychic and Spiritual Awareness, and Psychic and Spiritual Development Wishing you lots and lots of Love and Light and Reiki Blessings. Logged in Monday to Friday between Midnight and 7 Am

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